Frequency of Tractor Trailer Accidents

Frequency of Tractor Trailer Accidents

Tractor Trailer Accidents Are Too Frequent in Bamburg County

Tractor Trailer AccidentsAccording to national statistics, there were 104,000 people injured in accidents involving tractor trailers, 18-wheel trucks, or other large commercial vehicles. Tractor trailer accidents killed 3,921 people. While commercial vehicles count for 9% or less of the serious or fatal vehicle accidents every year, that number is still far too high, and tractor trailer and trucking companies and drivers must take responsibility to help prevent those accidents.

While the average personal vehicle weighs 3,000 pounds, a tractor trailer can weigh 80,000 lbs on a regulator basis. Some large commercial vehicles can weigh as much as 200,000 lbs as long as the carrier has special permission and state trooper escorts. These large weights, for a less experienced or exhausted driver, can be difficult to control. Worse, many commercial trucking companies pressure their drivers to work longer hours than legal, or drive faster than is safe for such large vehicles, which means that large trucks are too often unsafe on roads.

South Carolina Tractor Trailer Accidents Can Be Devastating

Because Charleston, South Carolina is one of the largest ports in the US, tractor trailers frequently use the highways to pick up or deliver goods. This means that South Carolina residents are at greater risk than many US citizens of being in a tractor trailer accident.

Just being on the road in an oversized vehicle like an 18-wheeler or a tractor trailer requires special training and extra attention. Truck drivers must be careful of distractions, exhaustion, trailer sway, and many other factors. While it is important for the average driver to avoid using cell phones or smart phones, or make sure to pull over when they get tired on long road trips, it is much more important for tractor trailer drivers to do so. Unfortunately, some tractor trailer drivers still commit distracted driving, or drive while drunk, while tired, or speed in unsafe conditions, which can lead to a devastating tractor trailer accident.

I Suffered Serious Injury After Being in a Tractor Trailer Accident

If you suffered serious personal injury, or a loved one died, as a result of a car accident with a tractor trailer, you may face huge medical bills and lost time at work. You may be unable to perform the same job you did before, or you may not be able to work at all due to PTSD or physical disability. However, you do not have to suffer alone, especially if you did not cause the accident. The tractor trailer accident victims’ attorneys at the Strom Law Firm offer free consultations to evaluate your tractor trailer accident case, so contact us today for help. 803.252.4800